Monday, January 4, 2010

Loesch and Hennessy Cower Before the Missouri GOP

A while back I wrote about how St. Louis Tea Party leaders Dana Loesch and Bill Hennessy specifically addressed MO Senate candidate Roy Blunt as they threatened that they were "coming for" him and "going to vote" him out of office if he didn't endorse independent candidate Doug Hoffman in the NY-23 House race. Roy Blunt completely ignored them despite their warnings and vague threats. At the time, I wrote that it was time for Loesch and Hennessy to, in their own words, "put up or shut up."

I've tried to give them the benefit of the doubt. I even wrote a post when Loesch had Chuck Purgason, the challenger to Blunt in the Republican Primary, on her show. However, at this point it's beyond obvious that Loesch and Hennessy completely lack the courage to follow through on their empty threats. They've shown the world what I've said all along: the St. Louis Tea Party is nothing more than a tool of the Missouri GOP.

Consider the following: Both Loesch and Hennessy are spending their time trying to get local conservatives to donate to the Massachusetts Senate Race. Yet they've spent no time whatsoever writing criticism of Roy Blunt, despite the fact that they specifically threatened Blunt if he didn't endorse Hoffman. In other words, they are completely unwilling to challenge the power structure of the only Republican Party they could actually change, the Missouri Republican Party. So they distract their followers by talking tough about congressional campaigns nearly one thousand miles away in New York and Massachusetts.

This fact is further supported by taking a look at their rallies. When they had the support of THE most astroturf of all astroturf organizations, Americans for Prosperity, they were able to fill up town hall meetings and even Kiener Plaza. However, when they had their little rally challenging Blunt and Akin, about ten people showed up. Nothing could be stronger evidence that movement is nothing without the support of the Republican powers that be. And they know it too. That's why they're too scared to do anything to actually challange the Missouri GOP, even after making unambiguous direct threats. I'm pretty sure there's a word for people who make big-talking threats and then are too scared to act on them.

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