Saturday, January 23, 2010

Adam Sharp Blames Obama for all of his problems

Add another guy from the Party of Personal Responsibility (bankers excluded) who claims that President Obama is responsible for all of his financial problems. Adam Sharp of Sharp Elbows, Dull Wits wrote a blog post saying that for the first time in 11 years he didn't get a raise, and of course it's all Obama's fault. As all astute observers know, the financial collapse that occurred during the Bush Presidency had no effect whatsoever on the economy.

But wait, I'm confused. I thought if you were a hard worker, it doesn't matter at all what your life circumstances are? That's why we don't need to provide aid to low-income communities: if they want to move up the ladder independent of educational opportunities, social support, and mentorship, all they need to do is work harder. Yet in Sharp's case, it has nothing to do with how hard he worked; it's obviously the fault of the President? And couldn't Sharp have worked more hours or gotten a second job instead of spending hours every week running around with a camera trying to annoy people?

I guess personal responsibility only matters for people they don't like.


  1. I second the Bravo! And might I add that St. Louis County workers did not get raises in 2009 AND 2010. This is the not the result of the Obama administration's politics, but that of GWB's.