Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Adam Sharp Fails Miserably

This is hilarious. Adam Sharp goes to a MoveOn rally holding a sign "I want free abortions" clearly trying to misrepresent the message of the protesters. The protesters call him out on it, and exercise their right to free speech by holding their signs in front of his. Sharp, as usual, starts crying about how oppressed he is:

"Are you videoing these classy people"

"What are you so afraid of, trying to block dissent."

Actually, they weren't trying to block dissent, because Sharp didn't have the decency to dissent. Instead, he was obviously trying to hold a sign up to deceive the passing traffic and the media. The protesters completely kicked Sharp's ass, and rightfully called him a liar.

Watch the hilarity of unintentional right-wing self-parody:

MoveOn.Org Astroturf Rally 1-26-10 from Doug Edelman on Vimeo.

Best line from Sharp: "Even lies are free speech."

When you have to point out that lies are free speech, you've pretty much lost. Nice work by the MoveOn crew!

1 comment:

  1. Adam Sharp is a liar.

    I caught him on video tape at the famous Whole Foods Buycott asking for shoppers receipts who had NO clue why the Tea Baggers were buycotting.

    He is a fake, a liar and propagandist.