Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dana Loesch's "race card" hypocracy

Dana Loesch today got into an argument on Twitter and fell back on one of her usual empty attacks: she accused @queenofspain of playing the "race card" for pointing out that the GOP and tea party attacks on ACORN were politically motivated by the fact that ACORN played a central role in registering minorities to vote. Queen of Spain pointed out that this was not a claim that the GOP was racist, but simply that they were willing to use these (unethical) tactics to win elections. Thus, it really wasn't "the race card", but that didn't stop Loesch from tweeting the following:



After this last one, Loesch says:

Well apparently Loesch is an expert on lazy and inherently bigoted debate, as we can see from her own history of actually playing the race card, unlike Queen of Spain.
First, in an argument with the St. Louis Young Dems, she repeatedly suggests that anyone who doesn't think that Kenneth Gladney was "brutally beaten" by "union thugs" must be biased because Gladney is a black man:

But, of course, serious questions have been raised about the right-wing story about Gladney, so much so that Gladney was named the Riverfront Times' Ass Clown of the Week. There are a lot of reasons to question the story, so Loesch is both "lazy" and "inherently bigoted" to suggest that the only reason people would question it is because Gladney is a black man.
And if that's not enough, check out this tweet from Loesch:

Huh? She's claiming that someone is racist for "ignoring the contributions of brilliant black conservatives." What does that even mean? Since "ignoring" in this context apparently means, "not mentioning," why is Dana Loesch "ignoring" the contributions of brilliant black liberals?
When Loesch routinely violates here own stated principles, it's pretty hard to know what she stands for other than an unfaltering commitment to self-promotion.

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  1. LMAO!!! So glad I'm not the only one that picks up on her back-talking hypocrosy.