Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tea Party Motto for 2010: "Cease the Day!"

Adam Sharp, the classy guy who snuck onto private property to argue with ministers, directly disobeys police orders when he knows he can get away with it, regularly insults the Islamic faith, argues with five-year olds's drawings, and recently claimed that a feature of the health care bill that was dropped two weeks before he wrote his post proved that Obama was trying to turn America in to a communist dictatorship, is the perfect guy to put forth the St. Louis Tea Party Motto for 2010.
Here's what Sharp had to say in a typically juvenile recent post:

Since Missourah blog never "seizes" to make Sharp laugh, I think we're left with the perfect motto for 2010.

The St. Louis Tea Party: Cease the Day!


  1. Wait...I thought Conservatives said that liberals are the ones who use name calling and insults instead of arguing actual facts. I'm a bit confused now. What does being middle-aged and blonde have to do with a person's ability to govern?

  2. Like I've said before on this blog....when they don't have anything relevant or significant to say....they resort to insults. Usually concerning appearance or fashion. Dana Loesch is very good at this.