Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Sharp Elbows, Dull Wits Holy Flurking Schnit Moment

Adam Sharp, who loves to talk about how "stoopid" them "libruls" are, put up an absolutely freaking hilarious post today. In the post titled, "Was a Public Option Just a Decoy?" Sharp offers the following ominous warning:

Maybe the public option was a distraction, a bargaining chip that Barry asked for so it looks like he's compromising when he gives it up. He gives up the public option in favor of Medicare expansion which sounds more moderate to Joe Public. When that's all he needs to get the single payer ball rolling in the first place.

Here's the screenshot:

Umm, Adam, I guess your fellow wingnuts forgot to inform you that Medicare expansion was dropped two weeks ago when Lieberman said he would filibuster it. Maybe when you're railing on about how Obama is leading us to a Marxist Dictatorship you might try , you know, actually reading the news or understanding the issues. And aren't you the guy who keeps complaining the congress doesn't "read the bill?"

Holy Flurking Schnit doesn't even begin to capture how hilariously clueless that post was!

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