Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Ultimate Hipsters

Hey kids, do you want be the coolest dudes on the scene?

(photo from Darin Morley)

You can be in it for the money, but still be legit!
You can work to oppress poor people, and still be punk!
You can dress up in costumes from 1776 while wearing tatoos!
You can even talk about Reagan...with a piercing!

Fight back against the people who oppress the oppressors. Join the Tea Party today.



    Dana Loesch, circa 2004:

    "If only really important issues could be solved with silly little messages on K-Mart posterboards held by men in drag and chicks in Skeletor costumes."

  2. Why are they wearing SEIU t-shirts?

    What does the BDSM symbolize?

  3. I'm still not sure what fauxcare is supposed to mean .. And now they are calling themselves "real reformers" ?? Also what's the deal with wearing the SEIU shirts, unless they are trying to fool people into believing that SEIU now supports the tea party?