Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gateway Pundit Misrepresents Poll Numbers

Gateway Pundit claimed yesterday that a CNN poll showed that 59% of Americans opposed the health care bill and only 39% supported it. However, as Media Matters pointed out, 13% of the people thought that the bill was "not liberal enough," which means that a majority of Americans either support the bill or wish it was more liberal.

Gateway Pundit also claimed that Pelosi's favorable rating was only 11% and Reid's was only 8%. But again, this was a completely misleading representation, since the polls offered a number of options. Pelosi's unfavorable rating was only 37% and Reid's was only 27%, far below any serious danger areas.


  1. Elisabeth Hasselbeck quoted the CNN poll today (59%) on "The View" with little blowback from anyone. To think they get away with this stuff all of the time is unbelievable. There's seldom anyone to call them on their misrepresentations.

  2. 39% support. 13% said it's not liberal enough. 39+13=?? Isn't 59 greater than 52?

    --Erin Brady

  3. You can't claim that 52% approve without asking a qualifying question to those who originally supported the bill regarding their reasons for supporting it. How many support it because they feel it contains the right dose of liberalism?

  4. Looks like Jim Hoft misrepresented the numbers on the teaparty express rally the other day in St. Charles, too.

    From the looks of things, it doesn't appear that anywhere close to 1000 people attended.

  5. Erin, Hoft was originally counting the 13% as part of the 59% that oppose it. So you have to subtract the 13% from those that oppose. 52 > 46.

  6. Patrick,

    A majority of Americans *either* support the bill or think that it's not liberal enough.

    According to the agreed upon usage of the the word "or," the previous sentence is true. Also, my point is that Jim Hoft was misrepresenting the numbers, which he was.